Winnie Pooh Piglet Tigger Disney Wall Stickers


Children in general are fond of Winnie Pooh Piglet Tigger Disney Wall Stickers.

– Easy to apply
– Assemble easily with Self-adhesive
– No damage & sticky residue
– Non-toxic & Free of harmful chemicals
– Just peel-and-stick & Pre-cut elements



The Winnie Pooh Piglet Tigger Disney Wall Stickers are easy to assemble.
This wall sticker assembles easily, just like a puzzle, and decorate in seconds with these self-adhesive.
Also it removes in seconds without damaging the surface or leaving sticky residue.
Each of the pre-cut elements can be moved and re-moved around at any time without damage and sticky residue.
– Description : Winnie Pooh Piglet Tigger Disney Wall Sticker
– Sheet Size : 70cm x 50cm ( 27.6inch x 19.7inch)
– Condition : Brand New
– Origin : Seoul, Korea

It was a novelty to attach Winnie Pooh Piglet Tigger Disney Wall Stickers for the first time.

Winnie Pooh Piglet Tigger Disney Wall Stickers

For more information of this wall sticker.
Ships within 24 hours.
It’s easy to apply wall stickers and wall decals.

It will instantly brighten up any space and your kids can even attach it easily.
– There is NO sticky & remaining, when you take it off.
– Just peel & stick
– No paint, No tools, No haeele, and No wallpaper paste necessary
– Print on PVC
– Die-cut & Removable
– Won’t damage the paint of your walls in seconds.
– Decorate your walls, mirrors, windows, doors, ceilings, refrigerator, store, furniture etc.
– Use our wall stickers in your living room, children’s bedroom, bathroom, nursery & kitchen.
– Apply easily & help you decorate your home with unique wall stickers.
– With little cost or effort you can decorate your home without the expense of painting or trouble.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 70 x 50 cm

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