Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers

Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers


This Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers are also excellent on walls.
– No Bad Smell
– Self-adhesive
– Anti-Bacterial
– Just peel-and-stick
– Easy & simple to apply
– Washable, Damp-Proof
– No damage walls & No sticky residue

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    This Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers and the carpet match.
    This Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpaper is an ornament to home. This self-adhesive wallpaper makes it easy & simple to change the appearance of home frequently. Also it removes in seconds without damaging the surface or leaving sticky residue. It is strongly recommended that you apply self adhesive wallpaper at home that have been painted with an eggshell or satin finish.

    – Description : Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers
    – Type : Self Adhesive Wallpaper
    – Sheet Size : 50cm(w) x 100cm(l) to 50cm (w) X 15m (l)
    – Material : PVC film (self-adhesive)
    – Condition : Brand New, made in Korea
    – Thickness : 0.12mm
    – Origin : Seoul, Korea

    The wallpaper has Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers.

    Trapezium Stone Brick Self Adhesive Wallpapers

    Transform your lovely space in a snap with this self adhesive wallpaper that is easy to apply.
    – Easy to apply
    – Just peel & stick
    – Waterproof & wipe clean
    – Apply to any smooth surface
    – Reusable, Eco-friendly material
    – DIY self-adhesive wall decoration
    – Removable, Durable and washable
    – No pastes or glues needed to install
    – Backing paper with grids for easy cutting
    – Non-Scratch, Fully removable, Repositionable
    – Won’t damage the paint of your walls in seconds.
    – There is NO sticky & remaining, when you take it off.
    – No paint, No tools, No haeele, and No wallpaper paste necessary
    – With little cost or effort you can decorate your home without the expense of painting or trouble.
    – Decorate your walls, shelves, tile, doors, furniture, MDF, painted drywall, metal, glass, ceilings, refrigerator, store, cupboards or even in bathroom & kitchen.etc.

    This vinyl wallpaper is produced on self adhesive PVC vinyl film that can be applied on any flat surface such as painted drywall, furniture, doors, ceiling, marble, cupboards, glass, metal, exist wallpaper and tile or even in bathroom. It is quick, easy and affordable, resulting in a professional look and a stunning visual effect. This is the perfect way to totally transform your home.

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    Additional information

    Weight 150 g
    Dimensions 50 x 100 cm

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