Snowboard Deck Skin Graphic Wraps Decals – Graphic Style #3




What is GDS(Graphic Deck Skin)?
Attachable snowboard deck skin which are printed actual image.
That easily transform your snowboard into a new look.


Why wrap your snowboard with our deck skin?
• Protect your board.
• Looks like new one from transform.
• Printed high quality.
• Using artwork
• Outfit your board.
• A lot of designs
• No bond
• UV coating
• Easily transform

Fixed Width 33cm
Model No. : Graphic Style #3

Snowboard Deck Skin Graphic Wraps Decals - Graphic Style #3graphic-snowboard-deck-skin-decals-size

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 33 cm
Skin Size

1,450mm, 1,500mm, 1,550mm, 1,600mm, 1,650mm, 1,700mm, 1,750mm, 1,800mm


G-061, G-062, G-063, G-064, G-065, G-066, G-067, G-068, G-069, G-070, G-071, G-072, G-073, G-074, G-075, G-076, G-077, G-078, G-079, G-080, G-081, G-082, G-083, G-084, G-085, G-086, G-087, G-088, G-089, G-090, G-091

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